Mother's Day 2022 love notes


Notes of LOVE to our Dukes Mamas from the humans who love you! 

We wish you all the sweetest Mother's Day and we hope that you know how much we admire you.

All our love, Your Dukes Track Club Family! 

To the strong, inspiring mamas in this run family- we love you. We celebrate you - not just today but every day. We see you - we admire the way you thoughtfully work through the ebbs and flows of life as you navigate it all with grace and love. We hope that your days are filled with a deep knowing that you are wrapped in love by all of us. We hope your day is filled with joy, laughter, and hugs but most of all, we hope you know that the world is a better place because of Mother's like you. 

All my love and admiration, 

Magdalena is a master of balance.  Her clockwork devotion to her family, her athletic goals, her writing, and her work brings a rhythm to our home and turns what would be cacophony into sweet music.  Even with every day taken as a new opportunity to push herself to the limit she never misses the chance to pause and plant a garden or share a cup of coffee and enjoy her family.

We love you!  We can't wait to take on the world together.
Love, John 

Becca when you dive into a passion you put everything you have into it in a way many never understand. Motherhood and running are just two areas that you put everything into regardless of what you have left to give, and yet I know that by giving your all in these areas you only breathe more life and energy into your soul. Reaching maximum effort and knowing you have given it your all is something that helps to take you to the next level to meet the next challenge and to push yourself further. Whether you are rallying Brooks and Dakota for a big adventure or crushing a tough run that you were initially intimidated by the drive for your passion’s in life never subsides and I am in awe that you continue to find the energy and will to take it up another notch time after time. Watching and living in these passions with you always motivates me to do all I can to meet the same level you go to and it pushes me to be a better partner, father, and person. You are an inspiration to me, our kids, and many more, thank you for everything you do for us and this world. Happy 

Mother’s Day – Love Rob

Lauren is entirely selfless, always putting Sláine before herself. She always does the best possible thing for her daughter. Her passion for being the best mother to Sláine is incomparable.

Love, Dana 

I admire Shawna’s ability to stand up for what she believes in. She is genuine and strong, and her energy spreads throughout the whole family. She gives so much love to Tavi every day and is passionate about giving her a happy and wholesome life. 

Love, Michael 

Christiana is the rock of our family!  She takes care of everyone and everything! 

We love her.  Phil, Micah, Annie 

Rebecca is an amazing wife and mother. She always brightens up a room with her love and social attitude. She is selfless and beautiful inside and out. 

Love, Brian 

Kate is my best friend and inspiration. She’s the coconspirator behind every one of my triumphs. Whether it’s being papa to our beautiful munchkins Nora, John, and Otto, every PR I’ve ever run, or getting my degree and working in the national interest, Kate’s love has guided me to it all. I love you, Babe. 



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