Happy Father's Day, Duke Dads

 Notes of LOVE to some of our Dukes Dad's from the humans who love you the most! 

Wishing ALL our DTC Dads a day filled with love, laughter, and joy! 

All our love, Your Dukes Track Club Family

We appreciate Phil for everything he is and does for our family. It can't be easy to be the "fun parent" all the time! He keeps is I'm sorry you always have to share your birthday weekend with father's day. We love you!

Love, Christiana

Your first Father's Day after retirement #1 after all these years you are still an amazing Dad. From teasing the oldest to reading bedtime stories to the youngest I know this is your favorite job title. We love you Jonathon/ Dad! Happy Father's Day!

Love, Emily 

Joe - just like with everything you do, you moved so smoothly and calmly into this new phase of fatherhood. I love seeing James light up when you’re around and the calm he feels when relaxing in your arms. He thinks his dad is funny and cool now… just wait until he gets to start biking and “shredding” trails with you.   You are the best partner to have in this unchartered territory and I’m so proud of you.

Love, Ivy

Chris is my best friend and the most amazing father to Nora, John, and Otto. He throws himself into everything he does whether it’s training for a marathon or playing with the kids. Thank you for always being there for all of us and for always being up for an adventure! We love you so much!

- Kate, Nora, John, and Otto

John is a good dad! He is calm with inconsolable baby cries, turns yardwork into hours of toddler-friendly fun, and is on board with family and solo adventure time. We love him 

Love, Liz 

John, you make fatherhood seem a dream. Our children look to you and see love.  They ask you questions about how the universe was made,  how spaceships work, and how crayons or toilet paper is made. They want to know how to make sushi or cook biscuits and how to fix things; you never tire as you explain the big and little to them.  You model self-discipline and patience, curiosity, and fun for our three children. 

I know I am the lucky one to get to patent beside you.  You are the constant source of love, creativity,  and joy in my life. I love you! 

Love, Magdalena 

Dana is a wonderful dad. He takes great care of Sláine and I. He loves teaching Sláine new things, spending quality family time together, and is just completely over the moon for her. We feel lucky to have him. 

Love, Lauren 

Not only do we send love to all the papas out there but we hold a tremendous amount of space and love for those whose Father's have passed, those who can't be with their Father, and those who have stepped into the lives of littles as a BONUS papa, Father's who are doing their best, Father's who have lost a child, and those healing from an estranged relationship with their dad - we love you all. We see you all. We hold space for you all today and every day. 

All our love, 


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