For the Love of Movement - Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, Valentine's Day, we celebrate LOVE and are reminded of all the reasons why we fell in love with running, movement, friendships forged by long runs, and moments that remind us of how strong we really are. 

Never taking any of it for granted. 

A handful of our teammates have shared what they love most about #movement and the gifts it continues to give. We hope that today's post will bring a smile to your face and inspire you to lace up, get outside, and adventure!

With Love,  
Your DTC fam

Sarah & Ben taking on the world one adventure at a time. Building a beautiful adventure-filled life together. 

The extra mile is always worth it! 

Movement is better with good company. One of my favorite things to do is explore new places with friends!


5 minutes or 5 hours it doesn’t really matter. Often the 5 minutes is the hardest but what a difference it can make. Breaking the cycle of sitting, and staring at a screen. A whole new perspective it offers, the body getting a reset. A recharge. Feeling that propagate into my thoughts. What a wonderful feedback loop from the physical to the mental. Injuries make this harder. Normal movement is inhibited. Time for another reset. A movement reset. Try something different. We are not meant to do one thing and move in one way all the time. Switch it up. Lower expectations. Zero expectations. What freedom.

Becca Chow 

I love seeing new places on foot - taking the route that gifts you the views often missed or overlooked; coffee shop stops you didn't know you needed to take, and peeping murals that tell a story you never expected to experience. All of this coupled with your trusty pair of running shoes and a few good friends = a treasured memory that will last a lifetime. 


The love for running isn’t always getting to the finish line as fast as possible, but all the heart-aching moments of blood, sweat, and tears are shared with friends or in solitude.


My running is always about progression. Running has moved more into hiking for me since having children. For me, watching my family grow (in size -from tiny to almost as tall as I am!, In coordination, in endurance and in curiousity) is the most fulfilling aspect of keeping movement in my life. I am rapidly approaching the stage where the kids will outstrip my abilities, and I enjoy the  scope and perspective that brings to me, and to my husband in our parenting progress. 



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