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Henry Rono - The Warrior and The Man

Henry Rono Henry Rono - The Warrior and The ManI am Henry Rono, the Nandi warrior. I am Henry Rono, the recovered alcoholic. I am Henry Rono, the 56 year old man, who, despite countless obstacles in my life has overcome them all. In a society that bared my soul and glorified me when I was on top of the world in the summer of 1978 and ridiculed me in the years when I was at the bottom of the world, I have succeeded - because I am a warrior. Today, I am training and racing and traveling to commemorate the 30th anniversary of that summer.Few people know Henry Rono the man, but many have spoken of Henry Rono the running legend. George Malley, who set an American Record (8:21.72) in the steeplechase in the summer of 1978, says of Henry Rono's 13:21.79 in the NCAA 5000 heats, "Those of us who saw it will always remember we were lucky; we saw running become art. Over the years we've all heard many athletes declare themselves to be 'artists.' Rono never claimed anything; h…

Dukes Track Club History

"On the Thirtieth night of October of the Two Thousand and Eighth year of Our Lord, the Dukes Track Club was conceived. The Founding Fathers gathered at the fortress of Death, Danger, and Love for the purpose of creating a more perfect union of runners that might fulfill the prophecy and bring unity to the Duke’s City…"
The Dukes Track Club was a dream of many individuals who shared a passion for running and a love of New Mexico. With the goal of bringing together a group of runners that could not only reinvigorate the running community in Albuquerque, but also compete at the national level, the Dukes were established. A running club was first imagined by several future Dukes, including Kris Houghton, Dana Patton, Jesse Armijo, and Tristan Willey. The first tangible step towards the Dukes was taken by Jesse Armijo when he crafted a proposal that included the framework that the club is now based on. Jesse put on paper the expectations for each facet of the club, including t…

Chunky Monkey

If you haven't done so already, register for our Dukes Track Club team for the Chunky Monkey 5k at:
This will be a fun team event on Sunday, July 18th at 7pm with ice cream to follow. Come out and RUN!