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Jesse Does it for Alma

Jesse finally does it! He has ran his long awaited Olympic Trails Qualifier at California International Marathon with a time of 2:17:18! Kris had planned to run too, but got the news of his daughter's birth and had to rush home, so Jesse rose to the occasion and did what he had to do for his buddy and new little one back in Albuquerque. Way to go guys!!!!!! And welcome to the world Alma Rose

Armijo Leads Dukes Sweep at Chips n Salsa Half Marathon

The old addage, "third time's a charm," rung true for Dukes runner Jesse Armijo, who handily won the Chips n Salsa Half Marathon on his third attempt at the race.  It was also Armijo's personal best on the course, winning in 1:08:20.  Fellow Dukes, Kristopher Houghton and Chris Peverada, finished second and third, respectively, to round out the Dukes' 1-2-3 sweep.  Also running well for the Dukes, was Patrick McClernon and J.D. _____.  J.D. a UC Santa Barbara product, recently joined the Dukes and is steadily rounding back into shape.  McClernon, a recent arrival from Florida, shaved forty seconds from his sea-level half marathon personal best, running 1:21:57.  The Dukes extend their sincere appreciation to Steve and Paulina at Run Fit for their beautiful course and generous prize purse.

Program for the Week of 9/12/2011 - 9/18/2011

Tue -   5:30am at the Dukes House for Easy Run            6pm at the Dukes House for Easy Run
Wed -  5:30am at the Dukes House for an 8 mile Tempo Run (continuous)             6pm at the Dukes House for Easy Run Thur - 5:30am at the Dukes House for Easy Run
            6pm at the Dukes House for Easy Run Fri -    5:30am at the Dukes House for Easy Run             6pm at the Dukes House for Easy Run Sat -   7am at Spain for Easy 12 miles in the foothills             6pm at the Dukes House for Easy Run
Sun -  7am at Alameda for Long Run or Chips and Salsa 1/2 Marathon

Dana Triumphs at Imogene Pass

In a gritty performance, Dana Patton finished the famed Imogene Pass Run despite a nasty fall on the steepest downhill section.  Bloody, but not beaten, Dana hardened his resolve and finished 70th out of 645 finishers in a time of 3:04:35.4. (official results here) Dana humbly acknowledged the blunder, "I took a huge fall coming down the pass, but managed to pull together and finish," and gave credence to the race's motto - "Mountains Don't Care."  Dana will now take a well-earned rest, before setting his sites on a late Fall marathon.

See Dana's full review here.

Dukes Win Lobo Invite in Stunning Display of Pack Running

The Dukes faced tough competition from the UNM Lobos, the NM State Aggies, and the UTEP Miners in the State's largest cross country invitational this morning at UNM's North Campus Golf Course.  Despite having only one runner in the top ten, the Dukes placed all of their top five in the top twenty finishers and won the Men's College Open race outright.  The Dukes' relentless pack-running strategy carried the day, as their top five was separated by a mere 44 seconds (25:20 to 26:04).  Jesse Armijo was again tops for the Dukes and displayed his excellent cross country talent placing 4th overall.  Allen Wagner, Solomon Kandie, and Neal Holtschulte donned the Dukes jersey for the first time and are an impressive addition to the team. The Dukes will now turn their talents to the roads seeking Olympic Trials Qualifiers for the marathon this Fall.

Official results here.

Other outstanding runners competing for the Dukes today included: Chris Peverada, Mark Pepple, JD, Dana Pat…

Armijo Claims 4th Overall In First International Competition!

In a solid performance, Jesse Armijo - wearing his first US jersey - placed fourth overall at the Intact Edmonton Half Marathon, running 1:06:28 for the distance.  The Intact Half Marathon served as an international dual meet staged between the United States and Canada. Although both countries were out-shined by the dread-locked Ezykas Sisay from Ethiopia, the United States took a decisive team victory over Canada. We will post a link to Jesse's recap as soon as he returns.
See Top 10 Men's Results below and full results here.
1    20-29     1:03:41  3:08   Ezkyas Sisay       ETHIOPIA            2    30-39     1:04:48  3:11   Joseph Chirlee    UNITED STATES     3    20-29     1:05:26  3:07   Joseph Moore     UNITED STATES              4    20-29     1:06:28  3:16   Jesse Armijo       UNITED STATES          5    20-29     1:08:04  3:21   Rutto Kibete       KENYA                   6    20-29     1:08:24  3:21   Kimosop Willy   CANADA           7    20-29     1:11:30  3:32   Bena…

Dukes Represent at La Luz - Houghton Three-Peats!

In a dominating performance, the Dukes Track Club, placed four runners in the top five overall at Sunday's La Luz Trail Run.

1.   Kristopher Houghton - Dukes Track Club
2.   Chris Peverada - Dukes Track Club (running as Andrew Gisler)
3.   Ryan Fenton - Bandit Runner
4.   Loren Wohletz - Dukes Track Club
5.   Jesse Armijo - Dukes Track Club

. . .

17. Patrick - Dukes Track Club (running as Dustin Hillerman)
19. Trevor Manzanares - Dukes Track Club

Complete results can be found here:
It was Houghton's third win overall on the historic mountain race.  New-comer Chris Peverada (aka Lingrini) showed his talent, finishing second place overall in his first race at altitude and his first race for the Dukes. Loren Wohletz made a huge jump in the race with a four minute personal best on the race course, as he prepares for his first 100-miler later this September in Utah.  Jesse Armijo pushed the pace early on, but was forced to run conservatively…

Armijo is Selected for USA Half-Marathon Team

The pride of Dukes Track Club, Jesse Armijo, has been selected to compete for the Red, White, and Blue. Scott Simmons, famed collegiate coach from Queens University, recently selected a three-man squad to compete on the roads in Canada at the half-marathon distance. In a wise choice, Simmons gave the nod to Armijo, who has recently been tearing up the Albuquerque roads in preparation for a series of half-marathons, leading up to the Olympic Trials next year.  Armijo has run 1:04:55 for the distance, placing second to Brian Sell, at the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon. It is Armijo's first US team and he is ecstatic to don the US jersey.  The international dual meet between Canada and the United States is set to be held in Edmonton, Canada in conjunction with The 2011 Intact Insurance Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon.  Gun time is scheduled for 8am, Sunday, August 21, 2011. You can follow the results here:…

Program for the Week of 7/25/11 to 7/31/11

Here it is, again...

Tue  -  6am at Dukes House           6pm at Academy  Wed - 6am at Nature Center for mile repeats on the river (Candelaria and the River) Thur -  6am at Dukes House           6pm at Academy Fri -    6am at Dukes House Sat -   6:30am at Copper (Foothills run) Sun -  6:45am at Alameda for Long Run (2 x 2mi repeats at half marathon pace)
Peace Out.

Program for the Week of 7/18/11 to 7/24/11

Hello and here it is:

Tue -   6:30 am at Dukes house           6:00 pm at Albuquerque Academy High School Wed - 6:30 am at Dukes house Thur -  6:00 am at Milne Track for speed session (10x1000m)           6:30 pm at Albuquerque Academy high school Fri -    6:30 am at Dukes house Sat -   6:30 am at Spain (possible race - more on that later) Sun -  6:45 am Long Run at the Smiths at Tramway and I-40 in the Four Hills shopping center

Why USATF Should Be SHIT-CANNED, Just Like It's Arcane Predecessor - The AAU!

A direct link from today's letsrun page to a flotrack article about: the usatf, john chaplin, and previous athletes screwed by the "system"!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess going for the "A" standard is the only way into a National meet for us, but when you're close enough to the "B" and happen to hit it, then why not get a shot at experiencing what it's like to compete at a National Meet.  It's a lifelong experience that not only effects your life, but the life of those that have supported you and seen you progress...

Track Workout - 7/14/2011

Track Workout Update:

Dukes Present: Chuy, Flyboy, Lingrini, Neil the Deal, Marky-Mark, and Duf

1.75 mile warmup - stretching - drills - strides
10 x 800m w lap jog recovery (2:31, 2:23, 2:28, 2:29, 2:23, 2:24, 2:21, 2:22, 2:22, 2:15)
1.75 mile cooldown

11 total miles

Update from Chuy (aka Jesse)

As summer is in full swing, we should be gearing up for some fast fall races.  If anyone is interested, we are meeting at the following times and locations:
Tue - 6:30am at the Dukes House          6:00pm at Academy  Wed - 6:30am at the Dukes House Thur - 6am at Milne Track for a speed session          6:00pm at Academy  Fri - 6:30am at the Dukes House  Sat - 6:30am at the Dukes House Sun - 6:45am at Alameda for a Long Run (unless it's still closed, more information on this as the week progresses) Possible alternative location will be Smith's parking lot at the Four Hills Shopping center on Tramway and I-40

Dukes Track Club

Hello and welcome to the New Year. We have a lot of things to get done with the club and would like to share the progress with all members. And speaking of which, please visit this site more frequently as there will be weekly updates about races and times and locations of where we will be meeting.
We also would like to know what races you plan on doing, as we can add them to our race schedule and results. We need to get an Official count of club members, and all club members are urged to join our club on USATF which a link to our official club is on the link below:
Our club name and number on the USATF website are: Brooks/Dukes Track Club Club Number: 42-0428
Please do not feel obligated to sign up on the USATF website. Signing up with the USATF is only for members who wish to compete in USATF Regional and National Championships. There will be a few Regional and State Championships where we can compete as a team and will be required to be…