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The Dukes Track Club's Official Nutrition Sponsor - Honey Stinger!

The Dukes Track Club is proud to announce Honey Stinger as our 2015 official energy and nutrition sponsor!!!

Honey Stinger, founded in 2002 by Ralph and Luella Gambler, provides a wide range of energy foods, including Classic and Organic Energy Gels, Energy Chews, Energy Bars, Protein Bars, and Organic Stinger Waffles. The Dukes will promote Honey Stinger and use their products before, during, and after workouts and races.

Indoor Action!

On January 24th, Tony Clement, Sal Perdomo, and Myles Kloer competed in the UNM Lobo Collegiate Open! Tony Clement ran 1:52.34 in the second heat of the 800, coming in 4th overall, beating several runners from the first heat. Sal Perdomo and Myles Kloer placed 4th and 6th in the Mile, running 4:19.86 and 4:30.86, respectively.

On February 13th and 14th, Tony Clement and William Marquardt competed in the UNM Don Kirby Elite Indoor meet! Tony Clement placed 5th in the Mile with a time of 4:14.35. William Marquardt placed 5th in the 3000 Meter with a time of 8:38.14.

The UNM indoor track is located at the Albuquerque Convention Center and sits at about 5,000 feet above sea level. Typical altitude to sea level converstions give 5.5 seconds in the Mile and 12-13 seconds in the 3000 Meter.