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Dukes Track Club

Hello and welcome to the New Year. We have a lot of things to get done with the club and would like to share the progress with all members. And speaking of which, please visit this site more frequently as there will be weekly updates about races and times and locations of where we will be meeting.
We also would like to know what races you plan on doing, as we can add them to our race schedule and results. We need to get an Official count of club members, and all club members are urged to join our club on USATF which a link to our official club is on the link below:
Our club name and number on the USATF website are: Brooks/Dukes Track Club Club Number: 42-0428
Please do not feel obligated to sign up on the USATF website. Signing up with the USATF is only for members who wish to compete in USATF Regional and National Championships. There will be a few Regional and State Championships where we can compete as a team and will be required to be…