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Boston Marathon 2016 Race Report - Matthew Liaw

The Boston Marathon is a race that invokes memories and dreams of glory.  It has been 3 years since I started dreaming of qualifying for the Fukuoka International Championship Marathon and this season I felt was going to be the season that brings me the prize.  Changes and events that made it seem this was going to be my best race yet included joining the Dukes Track Club, doing intervals twice the length of last year at the same pace, improving sleep, and winning the RnR New Orleans 10k.  The buildup went well enough that I felt the sub 2h40minute marathon was well within my reach.

Race weekend came and conditions were predicted to be decent for running with a high of about 65F.  It was still warm but not the worst I have experienced.  Little did I know that the weather was warmer than expected when the race started.  I had the luxury of getting a bit of extra sleep since my friend Chris drove me from Newton to the start.  Breakfast, snacks, bathroom break and modified warmup were all…

Outdoor Track Update

William Marquardt and Tony Clement competed at the Long Beach and Bryan Clay Invites in the Los Angeles area this past weekend! Will won the Beach Invite 3000m Steeplechase in a time of 9:08.17. This is a highly competitive meet and Will's victory showcased the Dukes!

Later that day, Tony Clement and Will competed at the Bryan Clay Invitational 1500m. The 1500m is the premier event at the Bryan Clay Invitational. Over 200 men competed in the event. Tony Clement finished in a time of 3:50.94 and Will finished in  3:53.81. Although these were not PR's for either individual, the times were very progressive from the past few years!

Next on the schedule for these guys is the Oklahoma Invitational in Norman, OK!

Congrats to all of our Boston Marathon finishers!

Congrats to all of our Dukes who competed in this year's Boston Marathon! The Dukes were represented by Jesse Armijo, Chris Valicka, Anthony Fleg, Jonathon Campbell, Matthew Liaw, Nate Gentry, and Stephanie Ward!

Albuquerque Half Race Report - Justin Wiens

Albuquerque Half Marathon 2016 A rarely write these things but just need to express myself sometimes . . . Shout out to to Tony Clement for writing several of these and thereby inspiring us to do the same.

It was cold and blustery at the start, forcing me to consider running with a long-sleeve shirt and gloves. After a 15-min warmup, the wind miraculously died down, making me realize a) I didn't need the long sleeves and b) what the heck was I thinking not wearing a Dukes singlet?! I switched to the singlet and milled around the start, talking to various folks about their goals for this race. If there was just one thing I love about our sport, it's the fact that you can lift people up and encourage them to succeed, no matter where they are in their journey. I welcomed a guy from Sports Warriors and he said he'd be running around 1:14 so I figured I might have someone to run with for awhile/compete with. I didn't expect much better than low- to mid-1:13 given I tapered j…