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Rock n Roll San Diego - Race Report by Brantly Lutz

2016 has gone pretty well so far. I was excited to turn 40 last year and join the Master's rank, but I was fighting plantar fasciitis and upper hamstring tightness, so my racing was less than spectacular. I had been looking forward to my first master's marathon at the Medtronic Twin Cities marathon, but I only had a few really good weeks of training and it showed on race day. I think that disappointment gave me extra motivation to get it done while I can.
I've been doing a better job of working through those nagging aches and pains and have been fairly healthy this year. I got to run the Master's indoor championships right here in Albuquerque in March and finished 2nd in the 3k. Moving up to the half marathon distance which is more to my liking was the goal for the spring. I was feeling pretty good in training, and got a little carried away in a training session and strained my quad. Other than that small setback things were looking pretty good going into the master&#…