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Christine races at the Philadelphia Marathon!

Below is Christine Garves recap of her marathon in Philadelphia!


I almost did not make this epic marathon because the day before I was to fly off, my juvenile delinquent dog, Naiche, broke out of his kennel and got into the rat bait trap. So after a drama filled day and a trip to the vet, Naiche was ok and Philly was on. I needed this trip to help me to refresh and recover from a stressful year. As Jesse advised me, this marathon was to be a long training run (which was a new concept to me).

So off I go to Philadelphia with the goal to finish (3:20 was in my mind) without dying at mile 13 and feeling fresh at the end. Keep in mind, this was the first marathon where I have went into without a taper so I was a little nervous.

Getting to my hotel was easy but to my surprise, it was a dump and I was not too keen on spending the next couple of days in a crap hole. But it was one in the morning and I was beat. So after a…