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Christine races at the Philadelphia Marathon!

Below is Christine Garves recap of her marathon in Philadelphia!


I almost did not make this epic marathon because the day before I was to fly off, my juvenile delinquent dog, Naiche, broke out of his kennel and got into the rat bait trap. So after a drama filled day and a trip to the vet, Naiche was ok and Philly was on. I needed this trip to help me to refresh and recover from a stressful year. As Jesse advised me, this marathon was to be a long training run (which was a new concept to me).

So off I go to Philadelphia with the goal to finish (3:20 was in my mind) without dying at mile 13 and feeling fresh at the end. Keep in mind, this was the first marathon where I have went into without a taper so I was a little nervous.

Getting to my hotel was easy but to my surprise, it was a dump and I was not too keen on spending the next couple of days in a crap hole. But it was one in the morning and I was beat. So after a…

Day of the Tread Elite 5k!

Two of the Dukes competed at the 1st Annual Day of the Tread 5k on October 26th in Downtown Albuquerque. The course was run on a 1k rectangular loop near Civic Plaza. Both Tony Clement and Sal Perdomo competed well against the primarily international competition from the area. Tony finished 6th in 15:39 and Sal finished 8th in 15:49. The race was won by Nelson Mokori of Kenya in 14:34, who received a cash prize of $500.

Holy cow!! A top-10 finish at the USATF 50k Trail Championships!

Stephanie Ward ran incredible at the USATF 50k Trail Championships, finishing 9th overall and winning her age group! This is the first USATF Championship top-10 finish for the Dukes in several years!

Stephanie traveled to Bend, Oregon to compete against some of the best trail runners in the nation! Stephanie finished in 5 hours and 56 minutes.

Great job Stephanie!!

The Dukes race in Dallas, TX!

Reppin' the New Mexico Blue and Red!

Tony Clement and Sal Perdomo traveled to Dallas, TX to compete in the 2014 Tour Des Fleurs 10k. Race conditions were not ideal due to the high humidity that plagues Texas during the summer and early fall, but that didn't stop Tony Clement from taking the W! Tony beat some very fast competition to win the 10k in 31:28! Sal Perdomo finished 7th in 33:14, 2 spots out of a cash purse finish.

Two Lady Dukes Race at the Imogene Pass Run!

Stephanie Latimer and Lauren Patton traveled to southwestern Colorado to race the famous Imogene Pass Run, a 17.1 mile point to point mountain race starting in Ouray and finishing in Telluride, Colorado, passing over the Imogene Pass (13,114 ft).

The ladies braved the trecherous terrain, rocky underfoot, lush forests, leg cramps, and severe inclines, and still ran like champs! Stephanie finished as 45th overall female (7th in her age group) in a time 3:29:28. Lauren was 150th overall female (24th in her age group) in a time of 4:00:10.

Good job ladies! Maybe more Dukes will participate in the future!

The Dukes Race against UNM and Other NCAA Teams!

The Dukes raced at the Lobo Invite, hosted by UNM. Tony Clement lead the men, while Minori Hayakari had the fastest time for the women.
Tony Clement ran the 5k course in 15:43, good for 9th place, after running the first mile in a blazing 4:35 along with fellow teammate Sal Perdomo, who finished 22nd in 16:11. Right behind them was Myles Kloer, Phil Keller, and Stu Lisle, finishing 34th, 35th, and 36th in 16:48, 16:50, and 16:53, respectively. Rounding out the Dukes was Chris Valicka in 17:38 (45th place), Anthony Fleg in 17:50 (49th place), and Hunter Claypatch in 19:51 (54th place).
Minori Hayakari blazed the course in 18:31, good for 6th place in the Women's race!

Ashlee Smalley, Bekah Chow, and Aaron Padilla competed in the community race! Sorry, there are no results up at the moment.
You can find the collegiate results here.

The Dukes Dominate La Luz.... Again!!

Post race!
Both men and women competed at the famous 9 mile La Luz Trail Run in the beautiful Sandia Mountains! Named one of the most grueling trail races in the country, La Luz starts at 6,100 feet and climbs to over 10,600 feet! The course starts on a 1.8 mile, 12% grade, road portion, then traverses through the beautiful trails of the Sandia Mountains. After climbing for over 7 miles, runners have to pass 13 switchbacks of almost unrunable terrain, termed "the rockslide". At almost 9,000 feet, even the best runners are left helpless!

La Luz is a beautiful race, as the fastest runners and the slowest runners experience the same gut-wrenching, mental damage caused from the relentless climb up the mountain. The only winner is the mountain.

The Dukes had strong representation from both the men's and women's teams, putting several runners in the top-10.

Kris Houghton - 3rd - 1:25:16
Stu Lisle - 5th - 1:26:50
Sal Perdomo - 6th - 1:30:16
Tony Clement - 7th - 1:31:35

Lady Dukes take the Women's Distance Festival!

Several Lady Dukes participated at the Women's Distance Festival. The event was highlighted with PR's by several of the Lady Dukes! Including a huge PR of 18:28 by Arlene Espinoza and a 4 minute PR by Rebecca Lilley, which she WILL do again!! Nice work ladies!

Minori Hayakari - 1st - 18:01
Arlene Espinoza - 2nd - 18:28
Rebecca Lilley - 6th - 20:10
Danielle Deines - 11th - 20:53
Lauren Patton - 14th - 21:21
Virginia Streeter - 15th - 21:35

Congratulations to Jesse and Arlene on their engagement!

Tony Clement and Ashlee Smalley win the Chunky Monkey 5k

Tony Clement and Ashlee Smalley highlighted the evening with wins at the Chunky Monkey 5k. Tony Clement, after racing on the track earlier in the weekend, tempo'd a time of 16:1x for the win, while Ashlee Smalley, running in her first race as a member of the Dukes, took the win in 19:45!

Dukes Compete at the USA Track and Field Championships in Tacoma, Washington

The Dukes Track Club traveled to Tacoma, Washington to compete against other clubs from across the nation. Although the Dukes did not perform, individually, as well as they had hoped, the trip was still a successful learning experience. Tony Clement, Ben Fletcher, and Sal Perdomo lead the Dukes to a 7th place team finish.
In the 1500, Tony placed 2nd in 3:55.2, while Ben placed 9th in 4:10.8. Ben also ran the 800 and finished 12th in 2:03.
Sal competed in the 10k and 5k, finished 7th in 32:53.9 and 8th in 15:57.7, respectively.
Results can be found here.
Tony Clement en route to his 2nd place finish. Look at that stride.

USATF Club Track & Field Championships!

This weekend, 3 members of the Dukes Track Club will be traveling to Tacoma, Washington to compete in the USA Club Track & Field Championships!

Tony Clement - 800 and 1500
Ben Fletcher - 800, 1500, and 5k
Sal Perdomo - 5k and 10k

The guys are each seeded top-5 in their respective events. Follow @DukesTrackClub on Twitter to get live updates from the meet!

Event info can be found at:

Dukes Track Club Food Drive!

Led by Arlene Espinoza, the Dukes Track Club set up boxes at local establishments across town and collected food for New Mexican families! The food was delivered and weighed at over 400 pounds! Thank you for all of your donations! Victoria, Fideles, Amat

Dukes Track Club takes on Jim Thorpe 5k!

The Dukes Track Club raced at the Jim Thorpe 5k on Saturday, June 28th! 5 of the Dukes men competed, while the Lady Dukes had Shawna Winnegar representing!
While there is debate as to who took the title, Kris Houghton was the official winner as Tony Clement had bandit the race due to some pre-race difficulties.
Tony Clement and Sal Perdomo took the first 2 miles side by side, coming through in 5:00 and 10:10. Tony opened up a gap, taking the lead over the last mile, while an unsuspected Kris Houghton charged by with a half mile to go chasing after him. As they approached the finish line, with Houghton closing quick, Tony had to duck off of the course and could not cross the finish line.  The Dukes will never know if Houghton would have caught Tony. Houghton finished in 15:57. Sal came in at 16:10, while Derek Heeger finished 12th in 17:42. Hunter Claypatch suffered a pretty bad fall during the race and had to hobble past the finish line. Luckily, he walked away with a slight muscle p…

PR's and Olympic Trials Qualifiers at Grandmas Marathon!

Magdalena Donahue highlighted a great weekend by the Dukes Track Club at the Grandmas Marathon and Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.
Magdalena ran a marathon PR of 2:42:02, which qualifies her for the 2016 Marathon Olympic Trials! This will be her second time qualifying. In 2012, Magdalena ran the trials while pregnant!
Representing the Dukes out of Minnesota, Liz Turner clocked a fast PR of 1:19:04!
Arlene Espinoza ran a huge 5 minute PR in the half marathon of 1:24.34. Coach Brantley Lutz was proud!
It was a great day for the Lady Dukes.

La Luz Training

Some of the Dukes met up on a beautiful Albuquerque evening to do a La Luz training run. Several members of the team will be competing in the grueling 9 mile trail race this August. Last year, both the men's and women's winner were Dukes and several others were in the top-10. This year, the team hopes to represent even better!

Weekly Locations for the Week of June 16th

Let's get a bunch of Dukes out to the runs this week!
We will be at the following locations this week:
Tuesday - 6am at Albuquerque Academy Track Wednesday - 7am at Copper Trailhead Thursday - 7am at Copper Trailhead
Friday - 6am at Nature Center for a Tempo Run or easy group run Saturday - 7am at Spain Trailhead Sunday - 6:30am at Alameda (Parking lot on the SW corner of the river and Alameda)
Have a great week!

Weekly Locations for Week of June 6th

We will be at the following locations this week:
Tuesday - 6:30am at Albuquerque Academy Track Wednesday - 7am at Copper Trailhead Thursday - 7am at UNM North Golf Course (Law School Parking lot by the dirt trail) Friday - 6:30am at Nature Center Saturday - 7am at Spain Trailhead Sunday - 7am at Hispanic Cultural Center parking lot
Have a great week!!!

Week of June, 2nd

We will be at the following locations this week:
Tuesday - 6:30am at Albuquerque Academy Track Thursday - 7:00am at Copper Trailhead Friday - 7:00am at Nature Center Saturday - 7:00am at Spain Trailhead Sunday - 6:00am at Alameda Open Space
Feature Athlete of the Week - Shawna:
Check out her Bio on the Athlete's Tab!

Dukes Compete at BolderBoulder!

4 of the Dukes traveled to Boulder, Colorado to compete at the famous BolderBoulder 10k! BolderBoulder is famous for being one of the largest races in the nation! Shawna Winnegar and Ashlee Smalley, two former UNM Lobos, competed for the women, while Jonathon Campbell and Brantley Lutz competed for the men!

Brantley Lutz - 34:05 - 54th
Jonathon Campbell - 37:50 - 262nd
Shawna Winnegar - 38:17 - 291st
Ashlee Smalley - 43:31 - 1150th