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Carlos Sanchez Race Report

Columbia Winery 10-K to benefit Seattle Childrens Hospital
August 20, 2016RACE report:
Greetings folks, this is my race report from this past week-end.As a person who doesn’t really race much I could not pass this one up, as I love kids, and anything to benefit them is always high on my list.I have three crusades: child education, child hunger, and child poverty.With me being in this area for business and a 10-K whispering in my ear, well I am the rat following a pied piper to a good cause.Plus to race at sea level—I’m in!!
Now most of you who know me (and few of you do, but I plan to change all of that), know I bring up the back of the pack.I’m more of a mule these days, dragging my butt to the ground and my belly in a wheel barrow.I have re-invented myself as a runner many times, from the age of 13-28, a long vacation from running between the ages of 28-42 (ate much, drank more, lounged often) then hit a resurgence at age 42.By then my fast years were a memory, …

Dukes Take on Summer 5k Road Races at Altitude!

Over the past few weeks, members of the Dukes Track Club have hit the local scene to take on various 5k road races! These summer races have allowed the Dukes to take advantage of the cool mornings and chase after some fast times. The Jim Thorpe Native American 5k National Championships and the Freedom Run 5k have both offered strong competition on a fast course! The Jim Thorpe 5k was held on June 25th at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnical Institute and the Freedom Run 5k was ran near Tingley Beach adjacent to the Rio Grande.

Jim Thorpe Native American 5k National Championships
Sal Perdomo - 15:34 - 2nd place
Brantley Lutz - 16:06 - 6th place
Justin Weins - 16:14 - 7th place
Phil Keller - 16:31 - 9th place
Zach Chenoweth - 17:23 - 14th place
Myles Kloer - 17:29 - 16th place
Jonathon Campbell - 18:34 - 21st place
Todd Hierlmaier - 18:44 - 23rd place
Mica Comstock - 19:46 - 32nd place

Dorota Gruca - 18:58 - 1st place (Women's Champion!)
Haley Butler-Moore - 22:05 - 52nd place

Rock n Roll San Diego - Race Report by Brantly Lutz

2016 has gone pretty well so far. I was excited to turn 40 last year and join the Master's rank, but I was fighting plantar fasciitis and upper hamstring tightness, so my racing was less than spectacular. I had been looking forward to my first master's marathon at the Medtronic Twin Cities marathon, but I only had a few really good weeks of training and it showed on race day. I think that disappointment gave me extra motivation to get it done while I can.
I've been doing a better job of working through those nagging aches and pains and have been fairly healthy this year. I got to run the Master's indoor championships right here in Albuquerque in March and finished 2nd in the 3k. Moving up to the half marathon distance which is more to my liking was the goal for the spring. I was feeling pretty good in training, and got a little carried away in a training session and strained my quad. Other than that small setback things were looking pretty good going into the master&#…

AAT All Comers Meet Race Report- Shihlin Lu

I had originally planned to end my track season earlier in May after a track meet in
Colorado, but an unexpected cancellation (which was then brought back on at the last
minute) of the women’s 3000m steeplechase event made me think: 1) accept the reality
or 2) find other track meets to extend my season throughout the end of May. It also
must have been fate that I was not meant to race that weekend because I was in the
midst of preparing to move; traveling to Colorado, racing, and moving the day after I
returned would have been a very stressful combination.

Steeplechase race opportunities are almost nonexistent in New Mexico (at least at the
open level). However, I was happy to find two more local track meets that offered the
3000m. This would still allow me to get accustomed to the steeplechase in terms of
distance, but without the huge hurdles and water barrier.

When I arrived to the track around 8am, there were already lots of people, tents, and
the 100m hurdles event in progress. …

Emma Wins the World's Toughest 10k!

Cool, calm and collected is how I came to the starting line. Fueled by the tacos from the previous night and with a five minute warm up jog under my belt, I was ready to make my race plan. That’s right, I made my plan three minutes before the gun went off. Maybe cool, calm and scatterbrained is a better way to put it.

My plan was to relax, pick some people off, and just generally kick the shit out of this mountain. I wasn’t terribly concerned with my time or my place (I didn’t even start my watch) but my goal was more personal; to feel something physically excruciating and have to dig for the mental toughness to conquer it.

The gun went off and I relaxed for the first half mile to ¾ mile. The go getters soon started to fade as they realized what they were in for, which meant it was my time to get moving. I picked up my pace and was propelled up the mountain as I surged to get from person to person. I hoped that someone would hold on and work with me, but hadn’t met my match yet. Around…

Dukes on the Road

The Dukes tackled the roads this weekend in New Mexico and Colorado. Our athletes raced at the Urban 10 Miler, ABQ Brew Dash, and the Kirtland Air Force Base Armed Forces Half Marathon.

Myles Kloer placed 2nd in the Urban 10 Miler in Denver, Colorado. Myles finished in 59:38, after coming through 4 miles at 5:13 pace.

The Dukes placed 1-6 in the ABQ Brew Dash, a local 5k that highlights Albuquerque's blossoming craft beer scene. Jeremy Johnson took 1st in 15:44. Sal Perdomo was 2nd in 16:29 and Jesse Armijo finished 3rd in 16:54. Zach Chenoweth, Chris Peverada, and Matt Piccarello rounded out top-6. Carly Piccarello finished 7th on the women's side in 24:16.

Congrats to PJ Rodriguez and Joel Yancey for battling the wind and finishing 1st and 2nd in the Kirtland Air Force Base Armed Forces Half Marathon!

The Dukes enjoying some local brews!

Myles excited after his 2nd place finish!

Run For the Zoo

The Dukes competed at the 31st Annual Run For the Zoo! One of the biggest races in the state! We had runners representing and placing high in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon! Pedro's picture was in the ABQ Journal!

Half Marathon
Cheryl Serena - 1:39:36 (6th overall female, 1st age group)

Pedro Rodriguez - 35:32 (1st overall)

Zach Chenoweth - 17:02 (3rd overall)
Joachim Marjon - 18:19 (7th overall, 1st age group)
Chris Sylvan - 21:22 (1st age group)

Shout out to Solomon Kandie for his win in the half marathon!

Boston Marathon 2016 Race Report - Matthew Liaw

The Boston Marathon is a race that invokes memories and dreams of glory.  It has been 3 years since I started dreaming of qualifying for the Fukuoka International Championship Marathon and this season I felt was going to be the season that brings me the prize.  Changes and events that made it seem this was going to be my best race yet included joining the Dukes Track Club, doing intervals twice the length of last year at the same pace, improving sleep, and winning the RnR New Orleans 10k.  The buildup went well enough that I felt the sub 2h40minute marathon was well within my reach.

Race weekend came and conditions were predicted to be decent for running with a high of about 65F.  It was still warm but not the worst I have experienced.  Little did I know that the weather was warmer than expected when the race started.  I had the luxury of getting a bit of extra sleep since my friend Chris drove me from Newton to the start.  Breakfast, snacks, bathroom break and modified warmup were all…

Outdoor Track Update

William Marquardt and Tony Clement competed at the Long Beach and Bryan Clay Invites in the Los Angeles area this past weekend! Will won the Beach Invite 3000m Steeplechase in a time of 9:08.17. This is a highly competitive meet and Will's victory showcased the Dukes!

Later that day, Tony Clement and Will competed at the Bryan Clay Invitational 1500m. The 1500m is the premier event at the Bryan Clay Invitational. Over 200 men competed in the event. Tony Clement finished in a time of 3:50.94 and Will finished in  3:53.81. Although these were not PR's for either individual, the times were very progressive from the past few years!

Next on the schedule for these guys is the Oklahoma Invitational in Norman, OK!

Congrats to all of our Boston Marathon finishers!

Congrats to all of our Dukes who competed in this year's Boston Marathon! The Dukes were represented by Jesse Armijo, Chris Valicka, Anthony Fleg, Jonathon Campbell, Matthew Liaw, Nate Gentry, and Stephanie Ward!

Albuquerque Half Race Report - Justin Wiens

Albuquerque Half Marathon 2016 A rarely write these things but just need to express myself sometimes . . . Shout out to to Tony Clement for writing several of these and thereby inspiring us to do the same.

It was cold and blustery at the start, forcing me to consider running with a long-sleeve shirt and gloves. After a 15-min warmup, the wind miraculously died down, making me realize a) I didn't need the long sleeves and b) what the heck was I thinking not wearing a Dukes singlet?! I switched to the singlet and milled around the start, talking to various folks about their goals for this race. If there was just one thing I love about our sport, it's the fact that you can lift people up and encourage them to succeed, no matter where they are in their journey. I welcomed a guy from Sports Warriors and he said he'd be running around 1:14 so I figured I might have someone to run with for awhile/compete with. I didn't expect much better than low- to mid-1:13 given I tapered j…

Shamrock Shuffle!

The Dukes took home the gold in the 10 miler, 10k, and 5k at the Shamrock Shuffle last weekend! The race was held in Rio Rancho and featured numerous hills.

10 Miler
1st - Brant Lutz - 57:27
2nd - Justin Weins - 57:53
3rd - Jesse Armijo - 58:26
4th - Chris Valicka - 59:26
11th - Keith Blumenfeld - 62:04
12th - Jonathon Campbell - 62:57
15th - Chris Peverada - 64:50

1st - Phil Keller - 37:17

1st - Zach Chenoweth - 18:37

Check out the Duke's Runners Blend at Albuquerque's Michael Thomas Coffee!!

Michael Thomas Coffee's Duke's Runners Blend is all over town!  The blend was recently featured in the "Bites" section of "Albuquerque - The Magazine" and seen at a local vape and coffee shop (Note: The Dukes are a non-vaping track club).

The Duke's Runners Blend was created and named by one of our founding members and quickly became a top seller for the local Michael Thomas Coffee. It was originally intended to be a short term blend, but its popularity prevented it from being taken off the shelves. Check out this popular blend at either Michael Thomas Coffee location!

Find the Dukes Runners Blend at your local Downtown vape and coffee shop
Featured in "Albuquerque - The Magazine"

USA Indoor Master's Championships

Kris Houghton winning the 1500m
Albuquerque, NM was the host of the 2016 USATF Indoor Master's Championships. The Dukes fielded 5 of its best Masters runners, who competed in the 1500 and 3000m races. After it was all said and done, the Dukes took home five medals and finished 22nd overall with only five athletes!

Kris Houghton
1500m - 4:09.65 (1st)
3000m - 9:01.85 (1st)

Jonathon Campbell
1500m - 4:43.08 (3rd)
3000m - 10:16.17 (2nd)

Brantley Lutz
1500m - 4:27.51 (4th)
3000m - 9:22.36 (2nd) WITH A MASSIVE KICK!

Mica Comstock (50 to 54 age group)
1500m - 5:00.51 (7th)
3000m - 10:57.44 (4th)

Chris Sylvan (50 to 54 age group)
1500m - 5:25.49 (9th)
3000m - 12:28.74 (6th)

Special shout out to Andre O'Brien, who helped organize the Dukes, get interest in the event, and take pictures! Andre competed in the 1500m and ran a PR of 5:20.80!

Jonathon Campbell in the 1500m

Matthew Liaw wins the Rock and Roll New Orleans 10k!

Here is Matt's race report:
The Rock and Roll New Orleans 10k has been my best race of that distance yet.  It was a weekend full of running mistakes, fun, and excitement in my fastest 10k yet.  This report is kind of embarrassing because as excited as I am for the victory, I didn’t bring the best of myself in this race. Going into the race I wanted to run 34 minutes for this race.  However, sickness made prospects for a perfect race uncertain.  Following a quick recovery (thank you lots of zinc) I did double runs for 3 days in an attempt to hit my weekly mileage.  Suffice to say my legs felt beat after those days, and to add insult to injury I was lacking sleep.  Even when I dropped to sea level and ran a pre-race 7 miler I felt tired and didn’t find that extra pop I usually feel.  Fortunately, I got 7 hours of sleep the night before the race, a luxury I don’t always have.
The morning of the race was perfect for a PR.  The weather was 51F with a 4mph breeze.  My pre-race routine …

Q & A with Lauren & Liz post Mt. Taylor Quad

We caught up with Lauren & Liz after their epic Mt. Taylor WIN to get their take on the race! Here is what they had to say! Thank you ladies for sharing your insight and congratulations on an incredible race!  Dukes Quad Squad

What is this race all about? LQ: The Mount Taylor Quadrathalon starts in Grants, NM, peaks at the top of Mt. Taylor, and finishes back in Grants, NM. It consists of: a 13 mile bike (1800+ ft elevation), 5 mile run (1200 ft elevation), 2 mile ski (1200 ft elevation) and 1 mile snowshoe (600 ft elevation) to the summit of Mt. Taylor (elevation 11,306)  The events are then reversed until you’re back in town. You can do the race solo, as a pair, or as a team of four. The Dukes Quad Squad was a pair with Lauren doing the biking and running and me doing the skiing and snowshoeing.
What was the high point/low point of the race? LQ: Highs were the skis working great on the uphill and having a blast on the downhill to come in hot and tag Lauren. Low Point: never saw the …

Valentine's Weekend Racing!!!

The Dukes had a busy Valentine's weekend racing across six states in a variety of events! Events ranged from the indoor mile to the marathon and even the Quadrathlon! Congratulations to Magdalena Donahue for competing in the Marathon Olympic Team Trials!
Will and Tony did work on the track this weekend. William Marquardt ran a PR of 8:28 in the Don Kirby Elite 3000m to take 3rd place. Tony ran the Mile at the ISU Classic in 4:17.
Lauren Thompson and Liz Quinley, known as the Dukes Quad Squad, teamed up for the 33rd Annual Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. The girls won the Female Overall Pairs by almost 30 minutes! They finished in a time 4:26:13. The Winter Quad features running, cycling, skiing, and snow shoeing.
Gina Cormier battled the hot weather and ran the Los Angeles Marathon in a time of 3:34:54. Dukes coach, Henry Rono, competed in the Austin Half Marathon in a time of 2:29:02 in his comeback race. Ben Willis ran the Moab's Red Hot 50+ 33k and finished 22nd in a time o…

Two Dukes Compete at the USA Cross Country Championships in Bend, Oregon

The Dukes were represented by Pedro Rodriguez and Jessica Watychowicz in Bend, Oregon. Both runners competed in the Senior Open division and ran well on the challenging course!

Pedro Rodriguez - 47th - 37:45
Jessica Watychowicz - 13th - 39:46

Pedro Rodriguez - #192

Q & A with our Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier - Magdalena Donahue!

Tell us what you're most excited about for the upcoming Olympic Trials? The most exciting part of this Olympic Trials is that I'm traveling with my family, and I'm excited for my older daughter to be able to see me run. I'm not sure she'll be able to remember the details, but I am really hoping to set an example for her as an active woman who has set big goals and worked hard over a long time to achieve them. Of course, I'm also excited to see the great American running talent who will be laying their hearts on the line on Saturday.
Do you have a specific goal?  My goal is simply to get to the starting line happy, confident, and excited to experience this phenomenal race as fully as I can. I do not have specific time, place, or even pace goals.Unlike pretty much everyone else there, I'm not really in the best shape of my life right now! I struggled with deciding whether or not to even make the trip, but decided that it was too cool of an opportunity to skip. O…