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Program for the Week of 7/25/11 to 7/31/11

Here it is, again...

Tue  -  6am at Dukes House           6pm at Academy  Wed - 6am at Nature Center for mile repeats on the river (Candelaria and the River) Thur -  6am at Dukes House           6pm at Academy Fri -    6am at Dukes House Sat -   6:30am at Copper (Foothills run) Sun -  6:45am at Alameda for Long Run (2 x 2mi repeats at half marathon pace)
Peace Out.

Program for the Week of 7/18/11 to 7/24/11

Hello and here it is:

Tue -   6:30 am at Dukes house           6:00 pm at Albuquerque Academy High School Wed - 6:30 am at Dukes house Thur -  6:00 am at Milne Track for speed session (10x1000m)           6:30 pm at Albuquerque Academy high school Fri -    6:30 am at Dukes house Sat -   6:30 am at Spain (possible race - more on that later) Sun -  6:45 am Long Run at the Smiths at Tramway and I-40 in the Four Hills shopping center

Why USATF Should Be SHIT-CANNED, Just Like It's Arcane Predecessor - The AAU!

A direct link from today's letsrun page to a flotrack article about: the usatf, john chaplin, and previous athletes screwed by the "system"!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess going for the "A" standard is the only way into a National meet for us, but when you're close enough to the "B" and happen to hit it, then why not get a shot at experiencing what it's like to compete at a National Meet.  It's a lifelong experience that not only effects your life, but the life of those that have supported you and seen you progress...

Track Workout - 7/14/2011

Track Workout Update:

Dukes Present: Chuy, Flyboy, Lingrini, Neil the Deal, Marky-Mark, and Duf

1.75 mile warmup - stretching - drills - strides
10 x 800m w lap jog recovery (2:31, 2:23, 2:28, 2:29, 2:23, 2:24, 2:21, 2:22, 2:22, 2:15)
1.75 mile cooldown

11 total miles

Update from Chuy (aka Jesse)

As summer is in full swing, we should be gearing up for some fast fall races.  If anyone is interested, we are meeting at the following times and locations:
Tue - 6:30am at the Dukes House          6:00pm at Academy  Wed - 6:30am at the Dukes House Thur - 6am at Milne Track for a speed session          6:00pm at Academy  Fri - 6:30am at the Dukes House  Sat - 6:30am at the Dukes House Sun - 6:45am at Alameda for a Long Run (unless it's still closed, more information on this as the week progresses) Possible alternative location will be Smith's parking lot at the Four Hills Shopping center on Tramway and I-40