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Shamrock Shuffle!

The Dukes took home the gold in the 10 miler, 10k, and 5k at the Shamrock Shuffle last weekend! The race was held in Rio Rancho and featured numerous hills.

10 Miler
1st - Brant Lutz - 57:27
2nd - Justin Weins - 57:53
3rd - Jesse Armijo - 58:26
4th - Chris Valicka - 59:26
11th - Keith Blumenfeld - 62:04
12th - Jonathon Campbell - 62:57
15th - Chris Peverada - 64:50

1st - Phil Keller - 37:17

1st - Zach Chenoweth - 18:37

Check out the Duke's Runners Blend at Albuquerque's Michael Thomas Coffee!!

Michael Thomas Coffee's Duke's Runners Blend is all over town!  The blend was recently featured in the "Bites" section of "Albuquerque - The Magazine" and seen at a local vape and coffee shop (Note: The Dukes are a non-vaping track club).

The Duke's Runners Blend was created and named by one of our founding members and quickly became a top seller for the local Michael Thomas Coffee. It was originally intended to be a short term blend, but its popularity prevented it from being taken off the shelves. Check out this popular blend at either Michael Thomas Coffee location!

Find the Dukes Runners Blend at your local Downtown vape and coffee shop
Featured in "Albuquerque - The Magazine"

USA Indoor Master's Championships

Kris Houghton winning the 1500m
Albuquerque, NM was the host of the 2016 USATF Indoor Master's Championships. The Dukes fielded 5 of its best Masters runners, who competed in the 1500 and 3000m races. After it was all said and done, the Dukes took home five medals and finished 22nd overall with only five athletes!

Kris Houghton
1500m - 4:09.65 (1st)
3000m - 9:01.85 (1st)

Jonathon Campbell
1500m - 4:43.08 (3rd)
3000m - 10:16.17 (2nd)

Brantley Lutz
1500m - 4:27.51 (4th)
3000m - 9:22.36 (2nd) WITH A MASSIVE KICK!

Mica Comstock (50 to 54 age group)
1500m - 5:00.51 (7th)
3000m - 10:57.44 (4th)

Chris Sylvan (50 to 54 age group)
1500m - 5:25.49 (9th)
3000m - 12:28.74 (6th)

Special shout out to Andre O'Brien, who helped organize the Dukes, get interest in the event, and take pictures! Andre competed in the 1500m and ran a PR of 5:20.80!

Jonathon Campbell in the 1500m

Matthew Liaw wins the Rock and Roll New Orleans 10k!

Here is Matt's race report:
The Rock and Roll New Orleans 10k has been my best race of that distance yet.  It was a weekend full of running mistakes, fun, and excitement in my fastest 10k yet.  This report is kind of embarrassing because as excited as I am for the victory, I didn’t bring the best of myself in this race. Going into the race I wanted to run 34 minutes for this race.  However, sickness made prospects for a perfect race uncertain.  Following a quick recovery (thank you lots of zinc) I did double runs for 3 days in an attempt to hit my weekly mileage.  Suffice to say my legs felt beat after those days, and to add insult to injury I was lacking sleep.  Even when I dropped to sea level and ran a pre-race 7 miler I felt tired and didn’t find that extra pop I usually feel.  Fortunately, I got 7 hours of sleep the night before the race, a luxury I don’t always have.
The morning of the race was perfect for a PR.  The weather was 51F with a 4mph breeze.  My pre-race routine …