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AAT All Comers Meet Race Report- Shihlin Lu

I had originally planned to end my track season earlier in May after a track meet in
Colorado, but an unexpected cancellation (which was then brought back on at the last
minute) of the women’s 3000m steeplechase event made me think: 1) accept the reality
or 2) find other track meets to extend my season throughout the end of May. It also
must have been fate that I was not meant to race that weekend because I was in the
midst of preparing to move; traveling to Colorado, racing, and moving the day after I
returned would have been a very stressful combination.

Steeplechase race opportunities are almost nonexistent in New Mexico (at least at the
open level). However, I was happy to find two more local track meets that offered the
3000m. This would still allow me to get accustomed to the steeplechase in terms of
distance, but without the huge hurdles and water barrier.

When I arrived to the track around 8am, there were already lots of people, tents, and
the 100m hurdles event in progress. …

Emma Wins the World's Toughest 10k!

Cool, calm and collected is how I came to the starting line. Fueled by the tacos from the previous night and with a five minute warm up jog under my belt, I was ready to make my race plan. That’s right, I made my plan three minutes before the gun went off. Maybe cool, calm and scatterbrained is a better way to put it.

My plan was to relax, pick some people off, and just generally kick the shit out of this mountain. I wasn’t terribly concerned with my time or my place (I didn’t even start my watch) but my goal was more personal; to feel something physically excruciating and have to dig for the mental toughness to conquer it.

The gun went off and I relaxed for the first half mile to ¾ mile. The go getters soon started to fade as they realized what they were in for, which meant it was my time to get moving. I picked up my pace and was propelled up the mountain as I surged to get from person to person. I hoped that someone would hold on and work with me, but hadn’t met my match yet. Around…

Dukes on the Road

The Dukes tackled the roads this weekend in New Mexico and Colorado. Our athletes raced at the Urban 10 Miler, ABQ Brew Dash, and the Kirtland Air Force Base Armed Forces Half Marathon.

Myles Kloer placed 2nd in the Urban 10 Miler in Denver, Colorado. Myles finished in 59:38, after coming through 4 miles at 5:13 pace.

The Dukes placed 1-6 in the ABQ Brew Dash, a local 5k that highlights Albuquerque's blossoming craft beer scene. Jeremy Johnson took 1st in 15:44. Sal Perdomo was 2nd in 16:29 and Jesse Armijo finished 3rd in 16:54. Zach Chenoweth, Chris Peverada, and Matt Piccarello rounded out top-6. Carly Piccarello finished 7th on the women's side in 24:16.

Congrats to PJ Rodriguez and Joel Yancey for battling the wind and finishing 1st and 2nd in the Kirtland Air Force Base Armed Forces Half Marathon!

The Dukes enjoying some local brews!

Myles excited after his 2nd place finish!

Run For the Zoo

The Dukes competed at the 31st Annual Run For the Zoo! One of the biggest races in the state! We had runners representing and placing high in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon! Pedro's picture was in the ABQ Journal!

Half Marathon
Cheryl Serena - 1:39:36 (6th overall female, 1st age group)

Pedro Rodriguez - 35:32 (1st overall)

Zach Chenoweth - 17:02 (3rd overall)
Joachim Marjon - 18:19 (7th overall, 1st age group)
Chris Sylvan - 21:22 (1st age group)

Shout out to Solomon Kandie for his win in the half marathon!