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Track Tuesday

Just a few Dukes at the Academy Track for speed Session!  Great job everyone! Chris, Dana, Hunter, Alex, Liz, Michael, Jesse, Stephaine & Jonathan.

DTC Summer Solstice Singlets!!!

We promised you surprises, and the last of the last is finally here! 2013 celebrates our 5th year as a Club, so we decided to release some new Dukes Track Club singlets! There are only a few singlets for sale and they will be sold on a first come first serve bases.  Front Back
Limited sizes, so get yours ASAP! $30 cash or check in hand. 
Come out to our weekly locations and pick yours up.

Dukes Track Club Stickers

You didn't ask for them, but we got them anyways!  Dukes Track Club Stickers are here for sale!
4"x3.5" Color Stickers are $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00
You can buy them from the following Dukes TC members: Jesse Armijo, Liz Turner, Dana Patton, Lauren Patton.
Cash in hand only.

TWA Crash Site Run

As the summer heat approaches, so does the closure of our beloved mountain - The Sandias.  In a last effort attempt, the Dukes Track Club rallied the troops for a Saturday morning run to the famous 1955 TWA Crash site.  We beat the morning heat and all made it up and back without a flaw.  Thanks to all who joined in on this mini 2 hour adventure.  Next up... Sunday morning run to South Peak.

Weekly Schedule

As the weather scorches us, we still plan on meeting even more this summer!  For this week, we shall be at the following locations for workouts and adventure runs!  Since the Sandia Mountains will be closed for fire danger starting June 10th, we figured we'd get some last minute mountain runs in at the following locations:
Tuesday - 6:30am at Academy Track for a track workout (3 miles worth of speed) come and find out what the surprise session will be... Friday - 6:30am at Nature Center for a Tempo Run along the bike path (6 miles) Saturday - 6am from Dana's House (1831 Tramway Terrace Loop, 87112) for an adventure run to the TWA Crash site in the Sandia Mountains - total run is estimated at 10 miles. Sunday - 7am from the Dukes Headquarters to South Peak - estimated at 13 miles/3.5 hours.  Bring water if you join us for this one. (Dukes HQ location - 1001 Tramway rd. NE. Apt. 1, 87112 - Prairie Hills Apartments)
Hope to see some old faces and new faces show up...
Happy Running Ever…