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Q & A with Lauren & Liz post Mt. Taylor Quad

We caught up with Lauren & Liz after their epic Mt. Taylor WIN to get their take on the race! Here is what they had to say! Thank you ladies for sharing your insight and congratulations on an incredible race!  Dukes Quad Squad

What is this race all about? LQ: The Mount Taylor Quadrathalon starts in Grants, NM, peaks at the top of Mt. Taylor, and finishes back in Grants, NM. It consists of: a 13 mile bike (1800+ ft elevation), 5 mile run (1200 ft elevation), 2 mile ski (1200 ft elevation) and 1 mile snowshoe (600 ft elevation) to the summit of Mt. Taylor (elevation 11,306)  The events are then reversed until you’re back in town. You can do the race solo, as a pair, or as a team of four. The Dukes Quad Squad was a pair with Lauren doing the biking and running and me doing the skiing and snowshoeing.
What was the high point/low point of the race? LQ: Highs were the skis working great on the uphill and having a blast on the downhill to come in hot and tag Lauren. Low Point: never saw the …

Valentine's Weekend Racing!!!

The Dukes had a busy Valentine's weekend racing across six states in a variety of events! Events ranged from the indoor mile to the marathon and even the Quadrathlon! Congratulations to Magdalena Donahue for competing in the Marathon Olympic Team Trials!
Will and Tony did work on the track this weekend. William Marquardt ran a PR of 8:28 in the Don Kirby Elite 3000m to take 3rd place. Tony ran the Mile at the ISU Classic in 4:17.
Lauren Thompson and Liz Quinley, known as the Dukes Quad Squad, teamed up for the 33rd Annual Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. The girls won the Female Overall Pairs by almost 30 minutes! They finished in a time 4:26:13. The Winter Quad features running, cycling, skiing, and snow shoeing.
Gina Cormier battled the hot weather and ran the Los Angeles Marathon in a time of 3:34:54. Dukes coach, Henry Rono, competed in the Austin Half Marathon in a time of 2:29:02 in his comeback race. Ben Willis ran the Moab's Red Hot 50+ 33k and finished 22nd in a time o…

Two Dukes Compete at the USA Cross Country Championships in Bend, Oregon

The Dukes were represented by Pedro Rodriguez and Jessica Watychowicz in Bend, Oregon. Both runners competed in the Senior Open division and ran well on the challenging course!

Pedro Rodriguez - 47th - 37:45
Jessica Watychowicz - 13th - 39:46

Pedro Rodriguez - #192

Q & A with our Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier - Magdalena Donahue!

Tell us what you're most excited about for the upcoming Olympic Trials? The most exciting part of this Olympic Trials is that I'm traveling with my family, and I'm excited for my older daughter to be able to see me run. I'm not sure she'll be able to remember the details, but I am really hoping to set an example for her as an active woman who has set big goals and worked hard over a long time to achieve them. Of course, I'm also excited to see the great American running talent who will be laying their hearts on the line on Saturday.
Do you have a specific goal?  My goal is simply to get to the starting line happy, confident, and excited to experience this phenomenal race as fully as I can. I do not have specific time, place, or even pace goals.Unlike pretty much everyone else there, I'm not really in the best shape of my life right now! I struggled with deciding whether or not to even make the trip, but decided that it was too cool of an opportunity to skip. O…