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Dukes Track Club

Hello and welcome to the New Year. We have a lot of things to get done with the club and would like to share the progress with all members. And speaking of which, please visit this site more frequently as there will be weekly updates about races and times and locations of where we will be meeting.

We also would like to know what races you plan on doing, as we can add them to our race schedule and results. We need to get an Official count of club members, and all club members are urged to join our club on USATF which a link to our official club is on the link below:

Our club name and number on the USATF website are:
Brooks/Dukes Track Club
Club Number: 42-0428

Please do not feel obligated to sign up on the USATF website. Signing up with the USATF is only for members who wish to compete in USATF Regional and National Championships. There will be a few Regional and State Championships where we can compete as a team and will be required to be USATF members, as the USATF is our governing body for all sanctioned races.

We would also like to get new uniforms for the 2011 year as there are many Dukes TC uniforms out there. If you are interested in a new uniform, please let us know with a top size, and bottom sizes along with gender sizing. We are planning to alter some things with the uniform as we gain more sponsors. The traditional Dukes TC logo will remain on the front, and any sponsors will be on the back. Also, the colors have not yet been decided. We are thinking of a red top blue bottoms.

We would like to know what sizes by February 1st, and we will have a price on them as well. The more people that want the new uniform, the less the cost.


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Carlos Sanchez Race Report

Columbia Winery 10-K to benefit Seattle Childrens Hospital
August 20, 2016RACE report:
Greetings folks, this is my race report from this past week-end.As a person who doesn’t really race much I could not pass this one up, as I love kids, and anything to benefit them is always high on my list.I have three crusades: child education, child hunger, and child poverty.With me being in this area for business and a 10-K whispering in my ear, well I am the rat following a pied piper to a good cause.Plus to race at sea level—I’m in!!
Now most of you who know me (and few of you do, but I plan to change all of that), know I bring up the back of the pack.I’m more of a mule these days, dragging my butt to the ground and my belly in a wheel barrow.I have re-invented myself as a runner many times, from the age of 13-28, a long vacation from running between the ages of 28-42 (ate much, drank more, lounged often) then hit a resurgence at age 42.By then my fast years were a memory, …

Run For the Zoo

The Dukes competed at the 31st Annual Run For the Zoo! One of the biggest races in the state! We had runners representing and placing high in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon! Pedro's picture was in the ABQ Journal!

Half Marathon
Cheryl Serena - 1:39:36 (6th overall female, 1st age group)

Pedro Rodriguez - 35:32 (1st overall)

Zach Chenoweth - 17:02 (3rd overall)
Joachim Marjon - 18:19 (7th overall, 1st age group)
Chris Sylvan - 21:22 (1st age group)

Shout out to Solomon Kandie for his win in the half marathon!

Congrats to all of our Boston Marathon finishers!

Congrats to all of our Dukes who competed in this year's Boston Marathon! The Dukes were represented by Jesse Armijo, Chris Valicka, Anthony Fleg, Jonathon Campbell, Matthew Liaw, Nate Gentry, and Stephanie Ward!